The artist

Rob van Trier was born in 1957 in Tilburg, the Netherlands . Already in his childhood he knew he wanted to paint. In his memory he was 10 years old when his father sent him to the store with 10 guilders and commissioned them to buy razors.

In the window there were many things that a child might interested in. But Rob van Trier did not, he only saw boxes with paint tubes that cost exactly 10 guilders. The boy could not resist, the money from his father, was spent on paint.

Rob van Trier paints because he has to paint. He mastered the art to perceive what for others remains hidden. His paintings are made with "paint - in - paint", "color - in - color", and graceful lines. The viewer will be hooked by his paintings.

Rob van Trier likes to paint outside. In summer you can find him lying flat on the ground next to his easel to be one with nature.

His work radiates an amazing zest and painting pleasure A lust - and must have- for the art lover.

The works of Van Trier are sold worldwide, five of his paintings were on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center in New York.

His works are in private collections in the same space as the paintings of famous painters. Buyers of the paintings of Van Trier include Armani, Ferrari, several banks, Rotary clubs and art connoisseurs.